Sierra Nevada Beer Camp: Atlantic-Style Vintage Ale

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp: Atlantic-Style Vintage Ale

The brewers at Fuller’s know a thing or two about English ales.  They’ve had some time to perfect their craft, since 1845 to be exact.  Their original Vintage Ale is a masterpiece in its own right.  An aged old ale with all the signature goodness an aged old ale should have–toffee, dark fruits, tobacco, leather, the list goes on.  This version, with the addition of American hops and brewed with plums, is stunning.  Rich plum sweetness accentuates the already apparent yeast-forwardness of the beer while the hops bring a subtle grassy balance.  Another beer I could just swim in.  Oh ya, it’s 8.2% ABV to boot.

Color: Hazy deep copper

Aroma: Plums, nutmeg, leather with a spicy richness

Taste: Nutmeg and plums again with more dark fruit, caramel and toffee

Finish: Spiced alcohol

Body: Medium to full

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