Sierra Nevada Beer Camp: Ginger Lager

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp: Ginger Lager

This lager from Surly Brewing Company is brewed with the addition of ginger and cayenne, then fermented on oak to bring some depth of flavor. This thing is ginger-rific, or more like eating raw ginger.  Which could be highly pleasing to some, like haggis or watching C-SPAN.  For this girl, not as much.  The cayenne tends to draw out the ginger flavor, which I guess is the point, but I think it over does it a bit, leaving the beer a little one note—ginger.  The 6.2% ABV relieves some disappointment, if only for a moment.

Color: Pale bronze

Aroma: Seriously—ginger

Taste: For real, it’s all ginger

Finish: Guess….that’s right, ginger

Body: Light to medium

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