Sierra Nevada Beer Camp: Dunkle Weiss

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp: Dunkle Weiss

Ayinger Brewery has a rich history of brewing tradition Bavarian weissbiers for about 130 years, so my expectations were pretty high for this one.  So tasty, with all the classic components of a dark wheat; banana, bubblegum, clove, caramel, nuttiness.  This beer is so rich and full of flavor but sits very light on your gut with all the bright effervescence that comes with it.  A classic style like this one should stand for itself.  5.7% ABV

Color: Hazy deep mahogany

Aroma: Banana nut bread, clove, bubblegum

Taste: Clove with toasted caramel and bruleed bananas

Finish: Spritzy, caramel banana

Body: Full

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