Deschutes Brandy Barrel Abyss Rocks Your Mouth Off

Deschutes Brandy Barrel Abyss Rocks Your Mouth Off

It’s nearly July, it’s Texas, it’s 1 million degrees Kelvin…yes that’s a thing, so you know what I want to drink tonight?  A barrel-aged Imperial Stout, obviously.  That Deschutes Abyss has been calling my name since I dropped it in the fridge a while ago.  A beer like that usually calls for celebratory circumstances but, screw it, what’s worth celebrating more than the end of the work week.

Honestly, I love all things Deschutes.  I love their humble beginnings as the little brewpub that could, the first kegs hand delivered as they so often are in freshman ventures, then on to their many accolades from the craft beer world.

They stay true to the style while adding that subtle west coast touch that makes their beer truly remarkable.  The Deschutes Brandy Barrel-Aged Abyss does not deviate from this course.  With a deep rich color that evokes memories of Turkish coffee and super complex aromas that warm the throat in preparation for maximum stout delivery, this beer is everything it promises to be. And 13.3% ABV inspires me to say “it’s the freakin’ weekend!”



C: Opaque deep onyx with thick khaki head

A: Chocolate, tree bark, smoky molasses

T: Licorice, bitter chocolate, light coffee, burnt bread

F: Dry with lingering, warming alcohol

B: As full as the day is long…

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