Urban Family’s The Flowers are Sleeping Embraces the Funk

Urban Family’s The Flowers are Sleeping Embraces the Funk

Tragically, this is my first run in with Urban Family Brewing Company, a travesty I plan to remedy again and again and again.  I’m a huge fan of Saison, the funkier the better.  Think, foot sweat dribbled onto a horse blanket with a little bit of light fruit for posterity.  Amazing!  This Brett Farmhouse Ale delivers, on all accounts.

The Flowers are Sleeping, at first pour, exhibits one of the great aesthetics of bottle conditioned beer, effervescence.  It’s hazy with a thick, white head that sits and sits.  Your eye falls down to the hazy deep golden color of this heavenly elixir.  Too much?  Oh well…I haven’t even gotten to the flavor!  Brewed with honeysuckle and elderflowers, this beer arrives in all its grandeur with that precious funk then catapults into sweet flowers, pears, white pepper, and rich honey.  There’s still some funk to be had, don’t you worry, as the flavor carries the essence of the farmhouse, with hay and ripeness of animal.  It finishes very dry from the highly attenuative Brett fermentation.  6.4% ABV so you can enjoy it twice.  Drink ’em if you got ’em.

Color: Hazy sunshine gold

Aroma: Pear with horsey notes and honey

Taste: Barnyard, with light fruits, honey, and spicy white pepper

Finish: Super dry and highly carbonated

Body: Light to medium

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