Sierra Nevada Beer Camp: Thai-Style Iced Tea

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp: Thai-Style Iced Tea

I am a big fan of Mikkeller.  Mostly because after drinking craft beer for 15 years you grow a taste for the peculiar.  And one can always count on the brains at Mikkeller for something out of the ordinary.  This beer definitely delivered on that promise.  Herbaceous and spicy with deep rich flavors that were at the same time intense yet transient.  It was a roller coaster for my palate.  When I came out on the other end, I couldn’t tell if I loved or hated the experience.  You should decide for yourself I presume.  At 7.2%, it at least brought a solid buzz.

Color: Slightly hazy copper penny

Aroma: Sweetened black tea with lemon and spicy tamarind

Taste: Spice, fresh licorice, nutmeg with light caramel sweetness

Finish: Quick with musky spice and light lemon

Body: Medium to full

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