Jester King Montmorency vs. Balaton

Jester King Montmorency vs. Balaton

Montmorency and Balaton are cherry varieties from Michigan that are prized for their tartness.  It stands to reason, then, that the sour seekers at Jester King would use these little nuggets to tart up one of their creations.  Honestly, this fruit lends itself perfectly to this sour ale.  They take a pale base sour and age it in oak, then referment it with about 4 pounds of cherries per gallon of batch.  That’s a lot of cherries man.  But thank god for it, cuz this beer is goooo-oooood.

C: Cartoonish raspberry with a slight haze

A: Cherry, leather, and tart funk

T: Tangy with light cherry and berry flavors

F: Tart, dry finish with light lingering berry

B: Light to medium

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