Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown

Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown

The lowly brown ale rarely gets the love it deserves, what with a new fangled IPA being released every other day.  Well, this Imperial Brown Ale demands attention, and man is it worthy.

This delectable coffee bomb of a beer highlights all of the outstanding qualities of a standard, albeit noteworthy, brown ale; it’s got your chocolate, it’s got your caramel, it’s got your toffee, and then…it’s got your coffee.  The aroma of this bad boy is like a handful of freshly ground coffee beans, deep and richly aromatic.  I instantly felt revitalized.  Grab one after yoga, or pilates, or whatever your morning calls for. Cause this beer is seriously for breakfast.

Color: Deep walnut

Aroma: Freshly ground coffee beans

Taste: Caramel macchiato (without the yoga pants and Uggs)

Finish: Roasted nuts

Body: Medium

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