AB InBev Aquired Brewers Respond to Brewers Association’s “Independent Craft” Seal


In a video released by The High End, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s craft division, five brewers including David Buhler of Elysian, Walt Dickinson of Wicked Weed, Garrett Wales of 10 Barrel, Andy Ingram of Four Peaks, and Steve Crandall of Devils Backbone respond to the new “Independent Craft” seal released by the Brewers Association.

When did it become a fight against wine and spirits? Seems like AB InBev is trying to change the point of the label, which is to distinguish breweries that are truly independent and which ones now have some or full ownership by a big beer brewery that doesn’t put their name on the package. Maybe they’re also trying to change the conversation.  What are your thoughts?

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