3 Beers to Satisfy Your Sour Tooth

3 Beers to Satisfy Your Sour Tooth

It’s nearly summer, and you know what that means don’t you?  It’s sour time!  That’s what it means if you’re me anyway.  There’s nothing more refreshing than a libation that inspires your taste buds to shock and awe.  So here are three beers to get you on your way to sour season.

  1. Martin House True Love

This American Wild Ale is pure raspberry delicious.  It’s made with fresh raspberry puree and is kettle-soured rendering a tangy, wholly sour beer.  And at 5.2% ABV it’s an essential poolside beer.

Color: Bright raspberry with fleeting off white head

Aroma: Tart, bready berries

Taste: Lightly tart with slight breadiness

Finish: Bubbly, tangy raspberries

Body: Light to medium

2. Independence Brewing Company Illustrated Man Dark Sour with Berries

The Illustrated Man pours a gorgeous deep burgundy color with a light white head that dissipates quickly. But he’s not just a pretty face.  He brings deep fruit flavors like blackberries, prunes, plums and Sweetart candies to the party.  He’s fun and bubbly and rich and refreshing at the same time.  He might not be a poolside pleasure but he’ll do the job once the sun goes down.  This one will stay pretty easy drinking at only 5.5% ABV.

Color: Hazy deep burgundy

Aroma: Candied blackberries

Taste: Tart dark fruits like plums, prunes, blackberries

Finish: More tart fruit with fancy bubbles

Body: Medium







3. Epic Tart n Juicy Sour IPA

Epic is no stranger to the sour game, and it shows in this sour IPA.  It’s just one of many in their series of Tart n’ Juicy Sour IPAs, 1 of 49 to be exact.  Kettle-soured and brewed with Citra hops, this IPA, that drinks like a super tart Wild Ale, shines bright with tropical fruit and tart citrus.  Light and poundable at 4.7% ABV.

Color: Slightly hazy deep copper

Aroma: Juniper with earthy notes

Taste: Herbal, light pine with tart lemon juice and light tangerine peel

Finish: Tart lemon

Body: Light to medium

So if you’re looking for that perfect beer to help you beat the heat, look past those substandard pale lagers and grab a sour instead.  Your sour tooth will thank you.


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