Short’s Brewing Company Sells 19.99% stake to Heineken Owned Lagunitas Brewing Company

Short’s Brewing Company Sells 19.99% stake to Heineken Owned Lagunitas Brewing Company

Short’s Brewing Company of Bellaire and Elk Rapids, MI announces plans to partner with The Lagunitas Brewing Company based in Petaluma, CA, America’s ninth largest brewery.  

The partnership stems from Short’s desire to successfully navigate the ever-evolving craft market while maintaining its creatively fearless identity. Lagunitas’ 19.99% equity stake in Short’s will be managed by Lagunitas U.S. Holdings — or LUSH. The founding principle of LUSH is to build relationships with, and support, regional breweries. In keeping with this, Short’s will maintain their individual brand image while gaining additional resources for continued opportunity to invest in Short’s staff, the Northern Michigan community, and opportunities to push the boundaries of creativity.

Joe Short stated, ”I never imagined Short’s would become such a successful regional brewery. The secret to that success has always been to surround myself with good people. The best people; who in many ways are smarter and more talented than myself. I’m confident all successful businesses would tell you a similar story. This partnership with Lagunitas is just another part of evolution in the cycle of our dynamic and growing business. I’ve grown so much personally and professionally during my time at the helm of Short’s Brewing Company that I understand now, more than ever – the continued success of Short’s and its people rely on me to make smart and strategic decisions. This is just one of them.

Short’s Brewing Company says:

We’re still operating solely in Northern Michigan. Neither Lagunitas or Heineken will have any say in our day to day operations and we’re still considered independent by the Brewers Association. I hope you’ll come visit us soon and see that we’re still then same people working hard to brew mind-blowing beers.

On September 8, 2015 Heineken International acquired a 50% stake in Lagunitas to help it expand its operations globally. Less than two years later, on May 4, 2017, Heineken purchased the remaining portion of Lagunitas, making it the sole owner of the brewery. Founder Tony Magee continues as CEO of Lagunitas, with the intention of expanding production and distribution of Lagunitas beers worldwide.

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