Introducing: Jackie O’s / Jester King Final Entropy

Introducing: Jackie O’s / Jester King Final Entropy

A Collaboration With Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery

This Kolsch-inspired beer is brewed with Hill Country well water, German malted barley, and Fuggle and Saaz hops.

“One thing we’ve learned over the years is that even though all our beer contains souring bacteria, if we brew with a pretty big dose of hops, our beer doesn’t become sour, at least not for quite a while. We love sour beer, but we don’t do sour for the sake of sour.”

Final Entropy is 5.3% alcohol by volume and 45 IBU. There will be about 2,800 bottles available, and they anticipate that some of the batch will be distributed outside their tasting room. It will be released at their tasting room on Friday, June 2nd.

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